50 Slide Guitar Licks

In the Playing Styles of Duane Allman and Derek Trucks


The purpose of this video book is to demonstrate and teach the reader 50 slide guitar licks that are in the playing styles of Duane Allman and Derek Trucks. This includes the single string vocal approach, as well as the modern blues approach to slide playing. Every lick is played in the key of A (this was done intentionally for purposes of consistency); however, all of these licks can be transposed to any key. 


This video book supposes that the reader has at least some familiarity with a slide. It is 3 hours of no nonsense, straight to the point licks that will challenge you, hone your technical skills, expand your horizons,  and change how you approach slide guitar. 



It may be too challenging for a player who is brand new to guitar playing. It may not be too challenging for an advanced guitar player who has never played slide before. The goal with this book was, and is, to provide educational slide guitar content that isn’t already available online. If the reader feels that he or she requires a stronger foundation for slide playing before tackling the licks in this video book, I encourage him or her to use the free content that is provided on YouTube to do so, or email me to book a lesson (dantoppomusic@gmail.com)!

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